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Introduction to Strategic Relationship Optimization

In today's rapidly changing global marketplaces, relationships with other organizations are required to compete and grow. These relationships take many forms, i.e. reselling, co-marketing, research and development, joint ventures, strategic sourcing, OEM, outsourcing, etc. The mix of relationships varies but every organization has relationships that are critical to its success.

Organizations spend significant time and resources building these relationships. However, most of these relationships fail to produce the anticipated results. They either die an expensive, messy death with each side blaming the other, or nothing happens beyond the initial publicity. Either way, organizations can no longer afford to invest in relationships which do not produce tangible results.

Silver Tree Solutions through its patent pending solution solves this problem by enabling organizations to build a core competency in Strategic Relationship Optimization (SRO). By successfully implementing SRO, organizations significantly increase the ROI from their relationships while reducing risk of failure.

In addition to its patent pending software products, Silver Tree Solutions offers a SRO Assessment™ Service to help organizations choose a starting point for their Strategic Relationship Optimizaiton Program that ensures early success and return on investment.

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